Combat Reference

Ways of Dying:

  • Drop to 0hp from an atk that dealt dmg equal to, or greater than your dmg threshold
  • Roll a 1 on a death saving throw (dc 10 con check)
  • Fail the above save by 5 or more
  • Reduce to 0 hp as a result of a Coup De Grace
  • Subject to Coup De Grace while unconscious

Attack Rolls:

Melee: 1d20 + BAB + str
Range: 1d20 + BAB + range penalty (if any)

Damage rolls:

Melee: wpn dmg + ½ heroic level + Str Mod
2h melee: wpn dmg + ½ heroic level + (2* Str Mod)
Range: Wpn dmg + ½ heroic level

Critical: 2x damage.

Combat options and strategies:

Aid another: dc 10 atk, Choose an all to gain +2 to atk against target

Suppress Fire: dc 10 atk, Target takes -2 to atk roll on next atk.

Fighting Defensively: -5 to atk, but +2 ref until next turn;
if trained in acrobatics, +5 to ref, or chose not to atk and increase the ref bonus to +10.

Unattended ref defense of Obj: 5+ size mod
Attended ref defense of obj: 10 + size mod
Held/worn/wield def of obj: 10 + size mod + ref of carrier (not counting armor bonus)

Charge: Straight line, +2 to atk roll, -2 to ref until beginning of next turn. Cannot charge through low obj, difficult terrain, or enemy sqrs.

Grab: Unarmed atk with -5 atk
Grapple: Grab, but must have pin or trip feat (or both). grapple check = 1d20+BAB+Str/Dex (highest) + size. Winner can make free melee atk with light wpn (if wielding).

Disengage: Moving out of threatened sqr and into a non-threatened sqr; does not provoke AoO (Attack of Opportunity).

Take Aim: 2 swift actions, must have LoS (line of sight), you can Ignore Cover.

Actions that provoke AoO:

  • Making Unarmed w/o martial arts feat
  • Aiming
  • Loading wpn
  • Picking up obj
  • Retrieving stowed item
  • Moving through threatened square
  • Using skill that distracts

Cover: +5 to Ref
Improved Cover: +10 to Ref
Total Cover: Cannot be attacked

Ion Damage: Subtract half the ion damage from targets HP. If Target is vulnerable to Ion (uses cybernetic components) then: -5 condition if the dmg dropped target to 0 hp, or -2 down condition, if dmg met or exceeded threshold.

-5 on atk rolls when fighting prone
+5 on melee atks made against prone target
-5 on range atks made against prone target

Shooting into Melee: -5 on atk roll

Stun Dmg: Subtract half stun damage from hp. If target is reduced to 0, -5 down condition track. If result meet or exceeds threshold, -2 condition.

Normal Unarmed Atk: 1d4 + str (for medium), or 1d3 + str (for small)

Combat Reference

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