Force and Destiny Points

Force Points

Force Points = 5 + (1/2 X Character Level)


  • On your turn, roll 1d6 (or more depending on level), add the highest roll to a single attack, ability check, or skill check.
  • Force users may spend 1 as a swift action to regain a spent force power
  • When a character’s HP drops to 0, you may spend a force point to go unconscious rather than die.
  • As a reaction, spend 1 to lower your dark side score by one.

Destiny and Destiny Points

  • A Destiny is an epic, and ultimate goal for your character, often grand in nature.
  • A player cannot gain a destiny point without having chosen a destiny.
  • A player starts out with 1 destiny point and gains 1 destiny point each time he or she levels.
  • When a character performs an action or a deed that would move him or her closer to her action is typically granted a bonus
  • When a character performs an action or deed that drives him or her away from is or her destiny, A penalty is typically given to the player.

Spend a destiny point to:

  • Auto crit (without rolling to attack)
  • Cause an attack to automatically miss
  • Act out of turn (changing your initiative)
  • Redirect dmg directed at an ally onto yourself
  • Immediately gain 3 force points

Force Users can spend destiny points to:

  • Increase the effect of certain force powers
  • Use applications of force secrets

Force and Destiny Points

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