House Rules

  • Generating ability scores: start out with 28, rather than 25 points
  • Rolling for Hit Points: Always re-roll 1’s, for d10 and d12 (HD) classes, re-roll 2’s as well.
  • Jedi (sith) characters must have a master in order for them to advance in levels. This could be a physical person, or a holocron.
  • Jedi (sith) can exchange Weapon Proficiency (simple), or Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber), for the Force Training feat as their class feat.
  • Many of the racial bonuses and penalties are unfair and unbalanced, I will handle these on a race-by-race basis. For some of them, I will allow a player to drop one of the penalties, or possibly more.
  • Full-Round Action. The rules state that you can spend a full-round action to use a skill, such as using perception to find locate something. For most cases, I will allow players to use their swift action to perform one skill, but as a -2. The penalty is because of combat will often distract the hero, increasing his or her chance to fumble the check.
  • Second Wind, I am considering allowing players to catch a second wind, once per encounter rather than once per day. This could easily change.
  • DnD 3.5 rules for diagonal movement. every other diagonal square is an extra square of movement.

Dark side points

I am reworking the alignment system (dark side points) a bit to be more similar to the Knights of the Old Republic style. Your total darkside points = original darskide points X 1.3 round down. Divide this score by 2 (round down) and that equals your alignment score. this score will be how many points have till completely dark and equally completely light side. you originally start out at 0 (gray) and when you make a dark side decision your alignment score is increased by 1, or if you made a light side decision your alignment score is decreased by 1.

remember your alignment is a representation of the morality and the decisions that you make everyday.

For example:

Captain Vrex is a lvl 6 soldier with a Wis of 14. making his original darkside score 14. Using the new system his new alignment score is (14 X 1.3)/2 = 9 So vrex’s alignment is thus:

(light) -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9(dark) his current alignment score is 2 (dark side) and it is his decision to destroy a village on Dxun to force a Jedi’s hand into revealing himself increasing his alignment score by one making his new score a 3.

The shorthand for the formula is DSP = Floor(Wis * 1.3)/2

House Rules

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