The 13 Masters:

There are 13 Jedi Masters who survived the Great Purge have made themselves known to the galaxy. 6 of them have reclaimed the temple on Coruscant and have already taken padawans who are destined to be part of the new order. 4 more masters have begun to rebuild the temple on Dantooine, they believed that if they were to focus on rebuilding the temple in the core worlds, than that would only invite disaster to the middle and outer rim systems.

The remaining 2 are in locations unknown. They disappeared almost as soon as they declared themselves. It’s likely that they are out searching for new force sensitives, finding more hidden jedi, or eliminating remnants of the old sith rule wherever they can.

Coruscantian Jedi Masters

Ariel Abren – Togruta, Female
Kira Paca – Human, Female
Corsair Cee – Human, Male
Cryus Halb – Miraluka, Mal
Cal Espereth – Twi’Lek, Male
Asori Serasai – Nautolan, Male

Dantooine Jedi Masters

Tyro Salamon – Togorian, Male
Drox Tiovata – Quarren, Male
Leo Ores – Human, Male
Aurelius Lars – Human, Male


Iluna Oamuys – Togruta, Female
Otara Lasek – Togorian, Male
Nu-ada Skye – Kaminoan, Male


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