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Old Republic 3933 BBY

18 years after after the end of the Old Sith Wars and the first Jedi Purge. The republic is finally able to take its first steps to recovery. The threat of war still looms over the galaxy. Remnants of the former Sith Empire have taken a firm hold in the outer rim as well as certain midcore systems.

The republic is so crippled they have no power to wipe the threats from the galaxy so they are forced to treaty with the imperials. The truce will not last, and both sides know this. Every day the galaxy teeters on the edge of war and it’s only a matter of time before battles break out a again.

The Jedi Order

The jedi are few in number. Not even 2 decades have passed since the Exile destroyed the Sith Triumvirate, and only a handful remain. The few that survived the purge were far too fearful of assassination to openly declare themselves as masters of the force, but they did take on apprentices. Only now have the remains of the order have shown themselves. The temples on Coruscant and Dantooine are slowly being rebuilt, but the order has a long way to go before its glory is once again restored.

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The Sith

The sith of the old republic are much the same as they were before the purge. United under the sith name but not the ideals or the bloodlines of their namesake—they are far less organized than their predecessors. It’s often said among jedi and sith alike, that there is never a void in the sith ruling. There are whisperings of a new Dark Lord of the Sith. As unstable as the truce between the Empire and Republic is, if the sith remnants unite under a Sith Lord, than war is inevitable.

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The Shade

The Shade is a band of mercenaries hired by every which side for various duties. The are lead by Alagard Dregs, a former officer. He never speaks of his life in the army, and no one is even sure what side he fought, what rank he was before he left, and the reasons surrounding his departure from the military. Despite his mysterious past, no hand doubts his wisdom of his captaincy.

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