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character Generation

Character generation is handled slightly differently than outlined in the book. Please visit the page on Character Generation to learn more.

Playable Races

Please visit the pages on Races for a list of races, the source book they can be found at, and the bonuses given.

Players can also choose to play as a Droid of any class besides Jedi. Follow the link to learn the different ways of creating a droid.


Wookiepedia is your single greatest resource for information on the Star Wars universe. It doesn’t touch on the Saga Edition game, but does offer a plethera of information related to the story and era of the Old Republic.


SWRPGRCM is an source of information on the Saga Edition compiled by a GM for personal and non-profit use only.

Notable charts:

Talent List and Summary
Feat Summary
Force Power (cards)
Force Power Spreadsheet
Player Cheat sheet

Character Sheets and Tools

Blank Character Sheet
Excel Spreadsheet Stat Tool
Blank Vehicle Sheet

Other Material

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