Key skills and usages


Cross Difficult Terrain (Trained only): DC 15, move through DT at normal speed
Fall Prone (Trained only): DC 15, drop to prone as free action (instead of swift)
Stand Up From Prone (Trained Only): DC 15, stand up as swift action
Tumble (Trained Only): DC 15, tumble at half speed w/o provoking AoO


Catchin Yourself When Falling: Wall’s Climb DC + 20


Feint: std action, vs target’s Initiative in combat (-5 penalty vs stupid or non humanoids), on success, target is FF against your next atk.


Long Jump: distance in meters (1 sqr = 1.5 meter) x 3. Double if not 4 sqr running start. Can take 10.


Bureaucracy: Business procedures, legal systems and regulations, and organizational structures
Galactic lore: Planets, homeworlds, sectors of space, galactic history, and the Force
Life sciences: Biology, botany, genetics, archaeology, xenobiology, medicine, and forensics
Physical sciences: Astronomy, astrogation, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and engineering
Social sciences: Sociology, psychology, philosophy, theology, and criminology
Tactics: Techniques and strategies for disposing and maneuvering forces in combat
Technology: Function and principle of technological devices, as well as knowledge of cutting edge


Repair Droid (requires tool kit): 1 hr, DC 20 restores droid’s level in HP and removes conditions. -5 to check on self-repairs.


Eavesdrop: DC 10, must understand language being spoken.


Change Attitude: full-round action, add penalty to roll based on current attitude, if result exceeds will, attitude shifts

Attitude Reaction Negotiation Goals Penalty
Hostile Takes risks to harm you, usually attacking on sight Will not negotiate with you -10
Unfriendly Wishes you ill but won’t go out of it’s way to harm you Will only negotiate to your disadvantage -5
Indifferent Doesn’t care what you do as long as it doesn’t effect it bad Will negotiate for reasonable return on their investment -2
Friendly Wishes you well but won’t take life threatening risks on your behalf Will negotiate without a return on their investment +0
Helpful Takes risks to help you Will all but give you the items

Intimidate: full-round action, vs will (See mod below)

Circumstance Check Mod
Target is helpless or completely at your mercy +5 check
Target is clearly outnumbered or disadvantaged +0 check
Target is evenly matched with you -5 check
You are clearly outnumbered or disadvantaged -10 check
You are helpless or completely at the targets mercy.


Pick Pocket: small hand-sized object within reach. Vs perception (+5) fail by 4 or less target does not notice you, fail by more: target catches you.

Snipe: after making range atk and 2sqrs or more from target and have already used stealth to hide initially, new stealth check but -10

Treat Injury

First aid (requires MedPac): Medpac grants +2, Full-round action, DC 15 (DC 20 if self-treatment), target regains HP = char level + 1. Cannot be treated this way for 24 hrs.

Heal Damage: DC 20 (DC 25 performing on self) to perform field surgery, heals target’s Con X character’s level. On failure, target looses Threshold’s worth of HP. If creature was at 0 HP it dies unless spend force point. Also removes persistent conditions on success.


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