Using the Force

Force Trance (trained only): Full-round action, DC 10 Use The Force Check. Fully aware of surroundings, recover HP = level/hour. Fully rested after 4 consecutive hours. Come out of

Move Light Object (trained only): Move action, DC 10 use the force can move up to 5kg within LoS. Standard action to use object as projectile with a DC 15 UTF and vs target’s Ref for 1d6 dmg.

Search your feelings: Full-round Action, DC 15 UTF, determine if particular decision will be beneficial to you in immediate future (10 min).

Sense Force (trained only):

  • Sense disturbances in the force
  • Sense if a location is strong in dark side (up to a km)
  • If a relative or companion is in mortal danger or great pain (10,000 ly)
  • A great disturbance in the force (DC 15 UtF to determine direction of location).
  • Sense one or more (DC 15) force user(s) 100 km away
  • Conceal your presence (oppose UtF checks), increase DC if against target with total cover.
  • Sense surroundings, swift action DC 15 UtF to ignore effects of cover or concealment when making perception checks. DC 20 vs total cover.
  • Telepathy, Standard action, exchange emotions or a single thought. UtF vs Will for unwilling targets. DC based on distance: Same planet, 15; Same system, 20; Same. Region/quadrant of galaxy, 25; otherwise: 30.

Using the Force

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