Vehicle Combat

Space Combat

Initiative: Pilot can make initiative for crew using either initiative skill or pilot skill (if trained), in either case, the ship size is included in check.

Size, mod
Colossal, -10
Gargantuan, -5
Huge, -2
Large, -1

Standard Actions:

Aid Another: DC 10 on skill check, only copilot can aid pilot on pilot checks.

Aiding An Attack:

  • Gunner can grant +2 on atk roll on successfuly DC 10 Atk Roll
  • Sensor can grant +2 on antoher Atk DC 10 Use Computer Check
  • Commander can Grant+2 on another’s atk with DC 10 know(tactics)

Training pilot: if training in pilot, you get +2 on all atks made with weapons crewed by the pilot

Pilot only actions

Atk Run: Move in straight line toward Target (gain +2 atk, -2 Ref until start of next turn),

Dog Fight

  • Consequence: All vehicles must engage every turn until that vehicle disengages, thus, the vehicle cannot make an attack on another target outside of the dog fight.
  • Firing into a Dog Fight: -5 atk roll when firing against participants unless gunner has precise shot feat.
  • Attacking in dogfight std action, Oppose pilot checks. If successful, you may make a single atk as a swift action, if you lose, -5 n Gunners’ atks, and you cannot atk until next turn.
  • Disengaging from a dogfight: Opposd pilot checks. If successful, move up to your speed away from dogfight. On failure, pilot and gunners take -5 to atk until next turn.
  • AoO: Same as normal, used to initiate dog fight and on hit, stops opponent’s movements.

Fight Defensively: -5 Atk rolls (you and gunners), +2 dodge to Ref defense. Or No attack and get +5 to Ref and gunners take -10atk. If trainined in pilot, give vehicle +5 to Ref, or +10 if not attacking at all.

Full Stop: As a move action, pilot can make a full stop as long as no full-round or move action was taken.
Move Vehicle: As a move action, pilot can move a vehicle up to his or her speed.
Increase Speed: DC 20 pilot check as swift action, failiure: -1 condition, success: increase spd by 1 (+1 /5 pts above DC) until start of next turn.

All-Out Movement: As a Full-Round action, move up to four times normal speed in a straight line, can’t avoid collisions and vehicle becomes FF until beginning of next turn.

Other crew actions

Aim: Gunner can aim a ranged attack as a swift action.
Attack: Gunner can attack with vehicle weapon as a standard action.
Raise/Lower Shields: System Operator, as a swift action
Recharge Shields: Systems Operator can spend 3 consecutive swift actions and DC 20 for +1 condition

Full-Round Actions

All-Out Movement: (Pilot Only) Move up to four times normal speed in a straight line, can’t avoid collisions and vehicle becomes FF until beginning of next turn.

(Coming out of Maximum Velocity, you must enter all-out next turn.)

Full Attack: (Gunner Only), if capable, make a full attack. Cannot do so if pilot spends a move action that round either before or after attack and only with vehicle at full-stop.

Ram: (Pilot Only), must have sufficient movement, treated as area effect. -10 Pilot check vs Target Ref. If successful, collision damage is calculated, if any movement is remaining (assuming ship survives), continue movement. If fail, all vehicles take half-dmg and vehicle is pushed out of fighting space into nearest sqr (ending turn).
All-Out Ram: same as above but with all-out movement. Double Damage normally caused.


Avoid collision: dc 15 pilot, reduce dmg by half if successful (on starship scale, success reduces all dmg).

Special Rules

Strafe Attacks: Make attack run instead, fly over target, atk number of sqrs in straight line as appropriate.

Mobile Hazard: Source of mobile hazard is large or greater (astroid, dead vehicle), hazard makes atk roll against target Ref (1d20 + special size mod)
special size Mod: +1 lg, +2 Huge, +5 Gargantuan, +10 Colossal or bigger. If attack hits, target (and all passengers) takes collision damage

collision damage:

Colossal (station), 20d6 + str
Colossal (cruiser), 15d6 + str
Colossal (frigate), 10d6 + str
Colossal, 8d6 + str
Gargantuan, 6d6 + str
Huge, 4d6 + str
Large, 2d6 + str

Attacking Missile or torpedo: Ref of 30, HP of 10, same square as target.

Vehicle Combat

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